Château Lynch-Moussas


  • An ageing wine that makes the typical wines of Pauillac
  • The thinning out of the leaves and green harvest has been led for a couple years so the grapes can reach a great maturity
  • On the shortage table, a last verification is the occasion to make sure that only the best grapes will be put in the vats
  • A mondern barrel cellar and winery
  • A beautiful brand that is growing year by year and is recognized by all the journalists

Historically Château Lynch-Moussas was part of the Lynch-Bages estate owned by the Lynch French-Irish family. It stands out from the Lynch Bages estate in the early 19th century, on the death of its owner of Jean-Baptiste Lynch. Michel Lynch, brother of Jean-Baptiste, ran the property until 1845 whent the family was bought by a Spanish merchant knowned as Vasquez. It is only in 1919 with Jean Castéja, and then in 1969 with his brother Emile, that the Castle and its installations gets modernize. Vineyards, cellars and vats are renewed to offer the best wine possible to its customers.

The Château Lynch-Moussas terroir covers 60 hectares and is composed of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Merlot. Manual harvesting and sorting are done in the vineyard, and the winery allows to harvest the best grapes in order to produce the best wine. The vinification is conducted in thermoregulated vats and the aging of the wine is done in barrels for 16 to 18 months (60% of which are new).

The Château Lynch-Moussas wine color is dark and deep, the nose is intense and marked by red fruits. The wine is fleshy and full with tasting, and has a full body and a very nice length in the mouth.

Their Team

  • Responsable: Philippe Castéja