Château Lilian Ladouys


  • Juicy easy charming wine
  • Regularly ranked Cru Bourgeois
  • A property bought by Mr. Lorenzetti (Château Pédesclaux) who has put a lot of resources to make his property one of the most beautiful wines of Saint-Estèphe
  • Renowned oenologists: Eric Boissenot & Christophe Coupez


At the edge of Pauillac, on the land of Saint-Estèphe, the vineyards of Château Lilian-Ladouys are not far from the Châteaux Cos d’Estournel and Lafite-Rothschild. In history, it is as early as 1654 that we hear about the estate La Doys “held in stronghold” by Jacques de Bercoyan, lord of Lafite, master of the Médoc at the time. In the eighteenth century, the Barre family became the owner and its presence for over a century and a half will build the identity and character of the castle. Later, in 2008, the couple Lorenzetti falls in love with the castle and becomes owner.

Terroir & Vinification

The vineyard consists of 90 parcels spread over 48 hectares of vines. This terroir is an incredible mosaic that declines all the grounds, or almost, of the Saint-Estèphe appellation. Thus, it is this fusion between this diversity of soil and vines aged 25 to 45 years that explain the singularity of Lilian-Ladouys wines. The grape variety is composed of 52% Cabernet Sauvignon, 43% Merlot and 5% Cabernet Franc. From the harvest, special care surrounds the collection of grapes, chosen according to the plots, the age of the vines and of course grape varieties. This flexibility facilitates the first assemblies that will compose the Grand Vin. Traditional breeding is done in barrels of fine-grained oak from the high forests of central France.


At the tasting, the Château Lilian Ladouys always reveals a gourmet and crunchy structure made of ripe tannins, a refined woody blend with a fruity explosion. It’s a wine for epicureans!

Their Team

  • Owners: Jacky and Françoise LORENZETTI
  • Chief Executive Officer: Emmanuel CRUSE
  • Director: Vincent-BACHE GABRIELSEN
  • Head of culture: Jean Louis SALLETTE
  • Master of Chai: Samuel GAVAN
  • Consulting oenologists: Eric BOISSENOT & Christophe COUPEZ