Château Latour

"In this approach, human intervention seeks to stimulate biodiversity in the vineyard and the vines’ natural defences"


  • Renowed worldwide
  • Fantastic terroir
  • A great care given to the vinification
  • Know-how of the team
  • Organic Agriculture certification
  • Terrific scores each vintage
  • Château Latour is also known for having the ability to produce fine wines even in difficult years.

The history of Château Latour brings us back to the year 1331. In fact, the Château’s archives mention Latour from the 14th century. The oldest document is also an authorization granted to Gaucelme de Castillon by Lord Pons to build a fortified tower in the parish of Saint Maubert. Then, century after century the functions of Latour changed. Sometimes co-lordship, sometimes property of the Mullet family, Château Latour was only acquired by Alexandre de Segur in the 18th century. Remember, Alexandre de Segur also owned the Calon Ségur and Lafite at that time. Since then, the estate has continued to develop until becoming the property of François Pinault in 1993. It is under its will that significant changes was made over the years to pursue the quest for excellence of wines produced by Château Latour.

The vineyard of Château Latour is located in its majority on gravelly ridges which dominate from 12 to 16 meters the estuary of the Gironde. The historical terroir, called l’Enclos, is divided into two large families: the clayey gravels in its heart and the gravelly sands on the perimeter. The estate is made up of about 76% Cabernet Sauvignon, 22% Merlot & 2% Petit Verdit and Cabernet Franc. Since 2009, Château Latour’s teams have begun to reflect on methods of viticulture and understanding and respect for the balance between the vine, the soil and the environment. Since 2015, the entire Château Latour vineyard has been organically grown. The ECOCERT certification of cellars and winemaking methods is expected in August 2018. Finally, biodynamics is strong in the majority of the Enclos. The breeding of the Grand Vin is made only in French oak barrels from the forests of the Center of France.

At the tasting, Château Latour thus offers power and energy allowing it to cross with ease several decades. Its bouquet and taste impressions evolve progressively, becoming more and more complex to reach their optimum in the mouth. Unforgettable emotions.

Their Team : 

  • Owner: François PINAULT
  • President : Frédéric ENGERER
  • Technical Director : Helène GENIN
  • Cellar Director : Pierre-Henri CHABOT
  • Culture Director : Domingo SANCHEZ