Château L’Angevin “Les Sens Ciels”


  • Bordeaux Tradition exclusivity
  • A wine with “No Sulphur Added”
  • Renown oenologist : Stéphane Derenoncourt
  • Into organic conversion
  • Eco responsible packaging

The history of the birth of Château l’Angevin “Les Sens Ciels” is only the logical continuation of an eco-responsible approach initiated by the vineyards Quebec a few years ago. Indeed, the philosophy of this vineyard has always been to develop authentic and true wines, in respect of nature, earth, fruit or wine. Thus, the Château l’Angevin teams strive to express the typical soil of the property, using truly traditional processes. Man is there only to sublimate what Nature offers… This results in a special wine “Les Sens Ciels”, with no Sulphur Added. In other words, an offbeat and decomplexed Bordeaux in a Burgundy bottle that brings a fresh air to the appellation.

The terroir of Château l’Angevin is 44 hectares that are composed of 80% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Franc and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon. The entire production is exclusively reserved for making red wines. The terroir is clay-limestone and has a strong presence of the bedrock. For this special cuvée, the blend is 90 % Merlot and 10 % Cabernet Franc! The vineyard, already well engaged in viticulture methods respectful of the environment, is now in organic conversion. It is a coherent and relevant approach according to their history and a desire to stand out from a tendency that standardizes tastes and textures. For the “Plume d’Ange” wine, Château l’Angevin is one of the very few Bordeaux Supérieurs “With No Sulphur Added”. Finally, to go with this philosophy, the packaging of Château L’Angevin “Plume d’Ange” uses almost exclusively eco-responsible materials.

At the tasting, Château L’Angevin “Les Sens Ciels” reveals an intense ruby ??red color, has a slightly vanilla bouquet with notes of ripe fruit and spices. Its roundness in the mouth offers a remarkable balance between fruity and elegant woody. It is a trendy wine, appreciated by all!