Château La Pointe


  • Château La Pointe strongly cares about the quality of its wines: yields lowered, manual harvest, control of the temperatures during the fermentation, extractions done depending on the soil and grape variety
  • Renowned Oenologist Advisor: Huber de Boüard (co owner of Ch. Angélus)
  • A quality wine in Pomerol
  • One of the best quality/price ratios of the Pomerol appellation
  • A brand that has been increasing these last 5 years

The origin of the name “La Pointe” is based on the particular geometry of its vineyard, since just at the entrance to the estate it is possible to observe a large plot of triangular shape, shaped tip. Throughout history we find traces of Château La Pointe from 1868, then ranked among the “first” alongside the castles Beauregard, Clinet, Councilor, Gazin, etc … At that time, the castle was the property of Monsieur Grandet who brought the most diligent care to his vineyard. Subsequently, Château La Pointe has always produced quality wines, even if it was “drowsy” a few years … It is in 2007, when the property is bought, that it is revitalized by the arrival of its new General Manager: Eric Monneret!

The terroir of Château La Pointe covers 23 hectares in one piece, which is rare in the small appellation of Pomerol. Its plots are contiguous to the Trotanoy & Nénin castle. The soils are divided between gravel and pebbles terraces Isle, clay-gravelly and sandy clay and on gravel. The grape variety is composed of Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Viticulture is conducted with respect for the environment. At Château La Pointe it is only the natural cycle of living that is required.

When tasting, Château La Pointe offers a wine of a dense color, with dark purple hues. Gently, the aromas of violet, wild berries appear. Then it’s cedar, black spice and sandalwood. The palate is smooth, unctuous but without any heaviness, all freshness and balance.

Their Team : 

  • Owner : SCE Château La Pointe
  • CEO : Eric Monneret
  • Technical Director : Emilie Faniest
  • Oenologist: Hubert de Boüard de Laforest