#1 Tasting Union des Grands Crus

“More than 800 people were passionate for the Grands Crus of Bordeaux at the Westin grand ball room. I was suprised by their knowledge that is progressing each year. The tasting of the 2010 was a big success.”

– Emmanuel VIGIER 

wine maker diner

#2 Wine Maker Diner, the 4th of december

A « winemaker diner » was  harmonized beautifully by one of our clients in Hong Kong at Icon hotel’s restaurant Above  & Beyond in Kowloon.

More than 35 guests were selected and extremely receptive to the quality of the wines served. Exceptional wines that allowed us to return back in the 90’s, 80’s and 70’s and confirmed ourselves of their aptitude of ageing.

The wine makers invited carried out the show by sharing their passion of wine with accents of affability and enjoyment that enchanted Hong Kong.


#3 Pro wine Shanghai, 13th and 15th of November

The first edition of the Shanghai Pro Wine, gathered all the producers of the world. 

Three days were active. We shared our stand, just like during Vinexpo, with the Champagne Sacy. Great organization by UbiFrance and Pro Wein. Thank you to all of our clients that came to our booth and discovered our wines

– Emmanuel VIGIER et Ivan MALIGNON


#4 Master class, 20th of November

Thanks to a motivated staff we were able to let discover 2 wines from our portfolio to 10 sales people of our Malaysian client. Let’s do it!


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