Saint Estèphe is the most  Northern “communale” appellation of Médoc région. Despite the absence of 1st Classified  Growths, but located immediately closed to the river, its terroir is overflowing with treasures.

Among others , we can quote the famous châteaux Phélan Ségur, Lafon Rochet, Haut Marbuzet, Calon Ségur, Cos d’Estournel ( the oriental-looking building which gave the nickname of Maharadjah to its former owner Louis Gaspard d’Estournel)  or the worldwide renowned Ch. Montrose.Saint Estèphe

It hard to sum up the syle of Saint Estèphe as the diversity of soils, climates and men is gigantic. The austerity of the landscape contrasts with its wines. If if have to draw a painting, we would say that St Estèphe wines are powerful, tannic and all their charms are only revealed to the most patient people. Indeed, if there is a perfect wine to age, it is Saint Estèphe.

This week, we have enjoyed tasting a large selection of these estates that were showing for the first time their vintage 2012 post bottling. Once again it is hard to speak about a general style. Depending on the blend and the estates’ philosophy every wine was different. However we’ve found nice color and well established structure. This vintage 2012 tastes actually very classical, very charming, very “Bordeaux” 

The terroir has spoken for itself and the famous estates did not disapoint us. The choice of a “coup de coeur” stays impossible but the properties with a vast majority of Merlot in their blend seem more appealing. They will be eventually more enjoyable during their young stage ( Marquis de Calon for instance). But taste stays an opinion. 

One important thing incos-estournel this type of event gathering all the trade, especially before a new vintage, is the genral atmosphere. We can say that smiles are discreetly coming back on the owners’ face. The vintage 2014 looks promising, the different problems of the Négoce and their client are heard and the desire of building profitable partnerships for all the chain are back.

So it was a very interresting event , which led us to be confident about our 2012 En Primeur buyings , today in our cellar and ready to discover the world


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It is also a good occasion to come back on the superb movie Ch Lafon Rochet made  we’ve presented you few weeks ago




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