20131010_142223[1]Stephen Carrier undertook with the help of the owner Lochlann Quinn important renovations in the estate’s vat cellar, barrel cellar and reception of the harvest: everything was rethought. The harvest now arrives in trays and the grapes are then sorted out on shortage tables that are for today unique in Bordeaux. There is no optical shortage of the grapes at Fieuzal. The manual shortage of the grapes is favored are led by a team that knows the grapes very well. The berries, beautiful like caviar, will then fall in little tanks that will be transported in the fermentation cellar and lifted with the help of an elevator in order to be poured in the vats. Here everything is led by gravity no pumps are used. The concrete and stainless vats favor the plot gestation. These installations are perfect to produce a great wine and operational since the 2011 vintage.

About the 2013: if it didn’t hale on the 27th of april 2013, the estate would have filled 40/45 hl/ha. Here the politic is not to do 30 hl/ha. The goal is to produce the best wine possible and raise the estates’ at its higher level. Fieuzal is back! Stephen you are on the good path ! Click here to see the video Harvest 2013 at Fieuzal


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