January the 31st. I had a marvelous diner as always at Chevalier with a very good french client. We tasted some delicious wines finishing with the 2 number. We starded with a 1992 white incredibly young. Yes the white at Chevalier can aged. They are so delicious with cheese and spicy food. Trust me and try with an old Comté. After that we had a magnum of Chevalier red 1962 which looks younger. Some of us think it was a 1970’s. Delicious to drink now but I think it will decrease in the next few years. After that we received a marvelous gift from Olivier : Mission & Ht Brion 1982 served together to compare. Difficult to say : 50% of the people prefered the Mission and the rest Ht Brion : delicious. We finished with 2 wines : Chevalier red 2002 : ready to drink now, round and a Guiraud also in 2002 : excellent. Thanks again Olivier! 😎


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