In Bordeaux, it is now more and more common for the owners to invite their dealers during the harvest, to share a good time about the new upcoming wine-harvest and the current market situation. We had a lunch on 9 October at Château Pichon Baron with Caroline Dedieu, Geraldine Giroux and the technical director Jean-René Matignon.  Merlots are nearly to be finish and the Cabernets will be started. The Merlots are extremely promising! Rain at the end of September has been very good for the vineyard. The breakfast was very friendly in the company of some employees of the castle. Jean-René has opened some great vintages: 2009, 2004 (delicious to drink now), 2003 and finally a sumptuous 1990. Thanks to the team for these beautiful nectars and good recovery for Aymeric.

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Déj vendanges Pichon Baron 09/10/2012


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