This Tuesday 10th of November 2015, a very particular conference was settled at Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux (CIVB) gathering two world that seem opposite: digital and wine. Bordeaux Tradition had the chance to be present at this event every year more popular and makes you today a summary! 

This singular meeting began around 17.15 PM at CIVB, 1 Cours du 30 Juillet, Bordeaux, near from the Quinconces square. After a program presentation focused on wine digital communication, it was Christophe Chateau who took the responsability to give the first explainations about the importance of digital in firm, but more especially in the wine world which suffers of old-fashionned image. According to him, “the question is not about passing or not to digital in your company, but about when do you have to!”. So, around the theme “digital strategy of Bordeaux wines”, Christophe Chateau has summarised how the CIVB had succeded to untie from this cliché, allowed them by this way to create new opportunities. What inspiration to apply to our own firm ! 

Then, suceeded one another around this central theme of digital and wine

  • Christelle Lecomte, Vanksen agency: “The digital in wine communication: opportunities and threats”
  • Nadine Couraud, EVOE agency: “with the digital, brands take floor”
  • Jean Marie Cardebat, Bordeaux University: “The Global Wine Score: a new ranking in Bordeaux?”
  • Arnaud Hacquin, Cluster Aquitain of Transmedia Storytelling (CATS): “the supply of transmedia in digital communication of wine”.

In brief, after 1 hour and a half, novice was became unbeatable about the Internet and its hugeness ressources. Again a very appreciated edition organized by the CIVB, which makes Bordeaux Tradition really impatient about the next session !

"Digital strategy of Bordeaux wines"

Christophe Chateau about the digital communication strategy of Bordeaux wines

Présentation des Vinitiques #8

Presentation of 8th Vinitiques by Jean Marie Cardebat

Christelle Lecomte

Christelle Lecomte, Vanksen agency, about the opportunities of digital communication


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