Many people are relatively tight during the entire month of September in Bordeaux. In effect this month that many things are happening in the vineyard and the quality of the vintage may vary significantly. Of course the flowering and August periods are very important but also a good month of September can often save a vintage : is what we saw during 2002, 2004 and 2006 vintages. This summer we have had a great month of July, hot, sunny, which was extended on 10 beautiful days in August. Then things are a bit spoiled and 15 days were not very beautiful despite the desire and often the prayers of many holidaymakers Arcachon basin … Today and for over 15 days, we have a wonderful time with cool nights and days over 20 degrees which is superb conditions for the grapes to bring a great maturity. The production this year should be fairly modest and will even be some shortages in the blanks. Some parcels which normally produce about 60 hectoliters do that produced 18 … So be carefull. Some comments:


…Olivier Bernard (Domaine de Chevalier): We are very pleased with the quality of our whites. We have beautiful degrees (13.8 °) and beautiful acidity. The quantities will be sadly below previous years (less than 30 hectoliters per hectare). The reds have good air arise. We will start the merlot harvest next week.


…Even his bell at Bruno Eynard at the Chateau Lagrange. He is also very happy with its whites. His winemaker, Mr Boissenot (Issan, Pichon, Grand Puy Lacoste, Talbot …) is also fairly satisfied with the red and also compare this vintage to 2004 and/or 2006 which were some vintages that were a bit initially but decried that everyone has praised thereafter.

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