September 2009 the 3rd : beginning of the harvest at Château Fieuzal

Stephen CARRIER, General Manager : We have harvested this morning some of the Sauvignon Blancs on the sector Ferbos (see attached map). Given the weather forecast for the next few days it became clear that to preserve the freshness of the Sauvignon grapes, it was appropriate to begin the harvest. The juice has a very nice acidity (4.8 for « technicians ») and taste very good. We believe future progress in the sector DISPUTE Sauvignons still on for only part. Appropriate, to perform screenings on the Left Sauvignons. To date we plan to intervene in the second half of next week. Everything will depend on the temperatures and amplitudes with this weekend.

The Semillon can wait of course if weather conditions remain the same. Their acidity is low (less than 4). However Fieuzal they are in smaller proportion and maturity will be a great asset in developing our assemblies and our qualitative Fieuzal objectives and Abeille.

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