Ceres Du Château Haut-Bages Libéral


  • Organic certification
  • BIODYNAMICS certification
  • A wine without added sulfites
  • It’s style is pure, supple, airy in perfect harmony with nature 
  • Vinified and aged without added sulphur
  • A Merlot plot cultivated with agroecology and agroforestry practices


The LIBERAL family had run the estate since the early XVIII th century. Then as wine brokers from father to son, they would sell most of the crops to the Netherlands and Belgium. Thanks to their name being next to that of the place, they were often invited to sit at the round tables of the political parties by the same name all over the world.

The cuvée CERES comes from a Merlot plot cultivated with agroecology and agroforestry practices. Nearly 1000 trees of different species are planted on this plot in order to have an interesting complexity and thus diversify to build up the soil. They offer shelter and food to birds and insects, important predators of our vine diseases. The plantations are completed by the establishment of a pond, allowing animals and insects to drink. Biodiversity regains the heart of the vineyard, which is progressively being more resilient. Cover crops are grown to regenerate soil life, sequester carbon and thus combat global warming.


The Terroir & WineMaking

The outstanding climate and geological conditions of Pauillac enable the making of very great wines. The appellation includes 18 classified growths among which are 3 out of the 5 first classified growths of 1855.

The Pauillac landscape is shaped by hilltops of gravels where the cabernet-sauvignon finds its favorite terroir. The winery was completely renovated in 2001 and since 2017 a second renovation has been on its way under the direction of the famous Bordeaux architect Fabien Pédelaborde who also renovated Château Ferrière , a third classified growth at Margaux owned by Claire Villars Lurton.  This new distribution of the spaces and the embellishment of the place bring up the property to the standards of a classified growth.


CERES De Haut-Bages Libéral 2021 is vinified and aged without added sulphur. 

The wine thus expresses the characteristics of its terroir and of its limestone soil without any artifice: a beautiful freshness, fruity aromas and a mineral touch.


The Team 

  • Owner: Claire VILLARS LURTON
  • Quality Control: Claire BLANVILLAIN
  • Winemaking consultant: Eric BOISSENOT
  • Administration: Christine COSTA
  • Europe & UK Sales manager : Caroline VIRASACK
  • Production Director: Thomas BONTEMPS
  • Winegrowing maanger: Jean-Luc MOUILLAC
  • Winemaker: Bruno FERRAGU
  • French-speaking Market Sales manager: Sylvie VENNETIER