A lot of informations which really help to sell…

More and more Bordeaux classified growths have created or modified their websites in the last 2 years as we did….


The echos of the harvest 2007

Production : it seems that the 2007 Bordeaux wine production will be lower than the 2006 vintage (less than 10%)….


Bordeaux 2007 harvest : first impressions

After talking to many growers and seing many vineyard, we have the feeling that the fantastic weather we have now…


Primeurs 2006 : first impressions on the classify growths

We have tasted around 200 wines covering the main Bordeaux appellations. 2006 is certainly not so homogene as 2005 but…


Bordeaux petits châteaux 2006 tasting

After having tasted some Medoc 2006, we tasted last week some petits châteaux and had the quite same conclusions. 2006…


2006 vintage : first impressions

We tasted last Wednesday several Medoc from 3,5 to 5 euro. We were very surprised by the quality of the…